Sacramento Area Miata Owners Association

Gotts Run

What can I say.  Just when you think you have it all figured out, the unexpected happens.  The event started out like many others.  Folks met in the parking lot at the Arco in Winters and usual meet and greet occurs.  Lots of us have not seen each other for a while, thanks COVID, and the talk was a plenty.  Drivers instructions were given out and most everyone had already downloaded the driving directions.  A short lecture on what is a fast group and what is a slow group was given.

So we jump in the cars and off we go and immediately encounter an SUV with the throttle stuck on 35 MPH.  With around 25 cars behind the leader it was very unsafe to pass, hoping the said SUV would notice that half the Miatas ever produced were behind him.  Fat chance.  And as luck would have it, neither did the other SUV we caught a few miles up the road.  Which eventually ran up the back of a pick up pulling a jet ski trailer.  So we followed these three, which never pulled over despite wearing out the high beam flashing over and over.   Thirty or so miles of slow poke city.  Not to mention the three construction stops along the way.

We don't really need to mention the Yolo County Sheriff that pulled over the leader for crossing the double yellow do we?

We finally get to Gotts Drive In and there is an hour wait just to order.

Well no one seemed to mind and the drive, other than the delays and officer McFriendly and his intervention, didn't seem to matter either.