Sacramento Area Miata Owners Association

The Foothills Rally was held Saturday, April 24.  This event was a rally designed to challenge your knowledge of speed and distance and a predetermined average speed over a set route up into the foothills above Plymouth, California.  The target speed was a very relaxed 42.53 miles over a course of 69.3 miles.  Although this doesnt sound like much of a challenge, it turned out to be very challenging for most.  The winner, long time member Sharon Howe was a mere :06 off the target time while some participants were better off using a calendar than a stop watch.  Some teams were as much as 30 minutes off the targeted time although everyone enjoyed the drive up Fiddletown Road and back on Shake Ridge Road, Highway 49 and State Route 16.  The winner was announced at a picnic following the finish.

Foothills Rally