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Sacramento Area Miata Owners Association

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The next General Meeting is on September 8...The Black Bear Diner awaits our arrival...Read On

September 8 General Meeting

Next Generation Miata News...Read On...

More Next Generation Miata News...Read On...

Bodega Bay Run

On a sunny Monday morning on October 18th, eleven Miatas including one driven by Katrina Reed from the Bay Area Miata club (BAMA), left the Arco station in Winters...Continue Reading

California Auto Museum Japanese Auto Exhibit

The California Auto Museum, located at 2200 Front Street near Old Town, now has a Japanese auto display which might interest many of us...Click HERE for more information...

Shriners Hospital Rally4Kids

Pictures of the Toy Drive Rally4Kids to the Shriner's Hospital For Children run to deliver toys and a trip down the river...See the pictures...

Election of New Officers...Sort Of...Read On

Tires, Tires, And More Tires

If you are looking for tires for your little roadster and are looking for a clue as to what to buy...Read On

I have had this discussion many times and more often than not it involves old school car guys who are the "world's biggest authority" on everything automobile...Old cars are quite a bit different than newer generations regarding fuel...Read on to find out from an expert which fuel you should use...

What Is The Correct Fuel For Your Car

Capay Valley Run

They say third time is the charm.  The third Capay Valley Run on Saturday, February 26 had 31 members and was overall a smooth event. Two earlier runs in 2018 and 2020 had fewer participants.

Miatas started arriving at the meeting time and place from 9:15 AM at the Westgate Shopping Mall....Read on

Will The Miata Stay ICE?

Read Here

View the pictures from the latest Pauwee's Foothill Run

See them HERE

See the George's Award Winning XKE

Click HERE

Pictures from the Henningson Picnic Run

See them HERE

View the 30th Plus 2 Anniversary Weekend HERE