I have a set of expensive wheels and low profile tires from a vehicle that is no longer in service and they fit an MX-5. Size of tires are 215/35SR18... original cost was almost $3,500 I'm willing to let them go for $800... I was hoping you could post this in a place where one of your members could see it... attached are some pictures... Thank you

Cory Holbrook

El Dorado Hills


After years of owning many Miatas, I have moved on to other things. I have four bins of miata parts and bits that I'm trying to find a home for. I hate throwing away parts but I have no use for them. Hoping someone will take it all. They parts are all from NA miatas. Some examples: three center "tombstones", seat rails, top latches, headlight lids, electric window parts, airports, air conditioner, alternator, etc.

Please share my email to whomever might be interested.

*Name: Ralph Crowder


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Tires and Wheels

Set of four (4) NT01 R compound track tires, 215/45/17, 50% tread remaining.  Free to first who comes and picks them up.  Also a NC space saver spare tire salvaged from a Toyota Prius. 125/70/17, 5x114.3 lug pattern, 23.9” diameter so only slightly smaller than stock 205/45/17 (24.3”). Free to first who comes to pick it up.  Contact me at I live in east Sacramento near 45th and J Street.


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