General Items

• Arrive at the starting point on time with a full tank of gas and be ready to leave on time.

• If you are going to leave the group before the end, notify the event leader.

• When parking in business parking lots, don't park in front of the business.

• Do not go faster than you are comfortable driving.  

• Do not pass the leader.

• If you need to pull over, turn on your flashers and pull off the road.

• If you suddenly decide to leave the group, pull off the road and wave the sweep car past you.


•  If other cars are trying to pass us, let them.

• When we stop, such as to regroup, make sure you pull completely off the road.

• When we are making a turn and there are two turn lanes, or when we are going straight through an intersection that has two lanes, use both lanes.

• When we have pulled off to regroup, and are ready to pull out, all drivers should pull out simultaneously, to get onto the road in unison as quickly and as safely as possible.

• Pass only when legal and safe.

• If a member of our group wants to pass you, let them.


• Stay within the posted speed limit. (Yellow speed signs on curves are advisory speeds.

• If road conditions warrant, slow down.

• Keep the car in front of you and behind you in sight.

• Drive safely and do not intimidate other drivers.


Use the radios for event communication only.

Lead Miata

Allow for ample dehydration stops.  We are mostly old.

• Wait for the sweep Miata to verify that all cars have cleared a controlled intersection before resuming speed.

Sweep Miata

• Stay in frequent contact with the lead car in congested areas.

• Do not pass a car that has pulled over unless they have told you they are dropping out or if they wave you by.

• The sweep car should let the lead car know if the pace is too fast or too slow, and the lead car should make the appropriate adjustment.

Road Rules