Sacramento Area Miata Owners Association

Before each event we traditionally introduce ourselves (go around the circle), review the route, select a sweep, set radio channels, answer questions and give some form of a safety speech.

1. Drive at your own level. If the Miata behind hurries you, wave them around and let them pass. Depending on the type of event, allow enough space between your car and the car in front of you to allow you to enjoy the drive and not to worry the driver ahead of you about how good your brakes may be. Use the three- or four-second rule to be safe.

2. Keep the Miata behind you in sight at all times. This is especially important when making a turn ensuring that the Miata behind you sees the turn.

3. Use turn signals. As soon as you see the turn signal of the car in front of you, turn on your signal to acknowledge to the car in front you see the turn coming and then to signal the car behind you a turn is coming.

4. When pulling onto a road, from a re-group point for example, everyone should pull out in unison when the sweep car does so AND you think it is safe to pull out. This is safer, faster and keeps the group together. (This pull-out technique is a key role of the sweep car, who is rear-most and can best see on-coming traffic. When the lead indicates the group is ready to go, the sweep will pull out when it is safe to do so; the sweep acts as a safety block for the rest of us to pull out.) Watch your rearview mirror for the sweep car to move out into the road so you will be prepared to move out all together – but make sure it is safe for you, in your own area, to pull out.

5. Accelerate slowly when in loose gravel. Take care not to throw gravel or splash water in the path of the car behind you.

6. Turn your lights on and/or flash your high beams if you need to stop. Pull over and we will help you. If you see the Miata behind you with its lights on, turn on your lights on to pass the signal up to the leader or the next Miata with a radio to communi- cate the situation to the leader.

7. Be careful of your speed and in populated areas and watch for children, pedestrians and especially bicyclists in nature areas. Traveling together, we may attract attention from children and/or highway patrol. Always observe local speed limits.

8. We like to stay together closely BUT always be courteous to other cars and allow them to take their turn and move into our group. Frequently, they may signal you to go ahead of them so we can all proceed together. If they do that, be sure to give a friendly smile, wave, or thank you of some sort if a driver is willing to wait for a dozen cars to pull out ahead of them.

9. Unless it’s an emergency situation, stay behind the leader and ahead of the sweep car (must have radio to stay in touch with leader). Anyone that passes the leader or falls behind the sweep car has officially dropped out of the run and is on his/her own. If you have a problem, get the attention of the sweep car, who will attempt to stop (if this can be done safely), assist, and notify the lead car.

10. Have fun and enjoy the event!

Guidelines To  Follow