Sacramento Area Miata Owners Association

1. Departure site

• Adequate parking away from public high traffic flow.

• Restrooms nearby.

• Detailed directions in announcement description to find departure site from various compass points.

2. Announcement

• Include published times (meet, drivers’ meeting, departure) in announcement.

• Include route info, estimated conclusion, time and mileage estimate, key points of interest about the run,

cell-phone & FRS and/or CB channel info, anticipated cash expenditures.

• Leader(s) arrive early.

3. Sign-in

• Signing of the liability waiver is required.  Pass liability waiver around on clipboard. Remember to bring a pen.

4. Pre-run orientation

• Leader introduction.

• Overview of directions.

• Rules of the road.

• Participant intros (go ‘round the circle—name, club affiliation, car info, etc.)

• Request volunteer(s) for post-event article.

• Choose experienced Sweep and review duties.

• Radio contact between leader and SWEEP car: Sweep confirms when group makes it through signals and major turns. After a roadside stop and on request from leader, watch for traffic and then pull out to block traffic, allowing group to then all pull out simultaneously. Watch for cars dropping out, to see if OK— they should flash lights or wave strongly. Watch the whole group, where possible, to see that everything is OK.

• Consider having a few copies of rules, etc., to give to those who want them.

• Event directions handouts (maps, driving directions) are required unless impromptu run.

• Go through, overview fashion, the route and highlight potential trouble areas, regrouping areas.

• Confirm radio channels.

5. Departure

• Radio checks and confirmations prior to departure.

• Queue up with sweep in place before departing.

• Observe Rules of Road at all times during event.

6. After run

• It’s nice to end up at an ice cream spot, or coffee place, to compare notes about the run.

• Try to get confirmation on who’s going to do a write-up and photos for the run, and when.

• Retrieve shared radios.

• Ask for feedback—any ways to make the run better?

• Ask if anyone needs directions to get home.

Leader Responsibilities