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Sacramento Area Miata Owners Association

We will be meeting in Winters, ar the ARCO station located at 701 Matsumoto Lane, just off I505...We drive a semi leisurely route to Soda Canyon Deli just outside of Napa...We will drive along CA128, transitioning to CA121 on into Napa and turning right onto Silverado Trail...After a dehydration stop and maybe a bit of a snack, we will drive north on Silverado Trail to CA128 and turn right...We will then turn left to stay on CA128 at the CA121/CA128 Junction and on into Winters where we will stop for a little pizza and whatever at the Round Table in east Winters at 196 East Grant Avenue...The ride home is up to you and with a little luck you will be able watch all the commercials during the Superbowl as the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Detroit Lions hook up for a monumental battle...Please RSVP below...

Superbowl Run


Meet/Depart Time

Meet Location



February 13


ARCO Station in Winters, 701 Matsumoto Lane

Soda Canyon Deli and Back