Sacramento Area Miata Owners Association

We will be meeting in Winters, ar the ARCO station located at 701 Matsumoto Lane, just off I505...We will drive a semi leisurely route to Soda Canyon Deli just outside of Napa...We will drive along CA128, transitioning to CA121 on into Napa and turning right onto Silverado Trail...After a dehydration stop and maybe a bit of a snack, we will drive north on Silverado Trail to CA128 and turn right...We will then turn left to stay on CA128 at the CA121/CA128 Junction and on into Winters where we will stop for a little pizza and whatever at the Round Table in east Winters at 196 East Grant Avenue...The ride home is up to you and with a little luck you will be able watch all the commercials during the Superbowl...Please RSVP below...

Please sign the Lifetime Waiver form ahead of our meeting time if you have not done so previously...If you have previously signed and submitted the form, there is no need to sign it again...If you are new within the last 9 months you have previously signed and there is no need to do it again...Thanks

Superbowl Run


Meet/Depart Time

Meet Location


February 13


ARCO Station in Winters, 701 Matsumoto Lane

Soda Canyon Deli and Back

00.0  Right onto East Grant Avenue

19.9  Straight at CA128/CA121 Junction and continue on CA121

32.1  Right onto Silverado Trail

34.7  Right into Soda Canyon back lot

00.0  Right onto Silverado Trail

13.3  Right onto CA128

29.3  Left at CA128/CA121 Junction

49.5  Right into Winters Round Table Pizza

Leave and return on your own...

To Soda Canyon*

To Winters Round Table*

*All mileage is approximate according to Google Maps