Sacramento Area Miata Owners Association

This event is meant to be a social distancing fun drive over anything else...The concept is to drive over a designated route at a predetermined average speed...Because the route will be laid out over various roads with varying conditions and speed limits it will be a challenge to come to the closest set speed, which is the object of the event...The car which ends up with the speed closest to the predetermined speed wins the rally...You will win bragging rights...I am too cheap to furnish a trophy...

You drive the course at what speed you think is the correct average speed...There are some 65 MPH roads and there are some 45 MPH roads and you travel through a couple of small towns where the speed limit is 25...As you can see it may get a bit complicated...I have determined the distance and correct speed, which is a very comfortable pace at just below the speed limit for each section with one of my cars so if you google it there may be a slight difference...5 miles will be marked for reference...The finish line will be kept a secret...You will only be given the minimum distance...After the minimum distance the finish line could be anywhere I decide...

I will need a couple volunteers to help at the start and finish line for spotting car numbers...If you volunteer at the start you will be last car out and able to compete...If you volunteer for the finish you will be given a head start of 5 minutes or so to finish ahead of everyone and help spot cars at the finish...

Please RSVP by April 18..

April 24

Bel Air Parking Lot...7315 Murieta Drive Rancho  Murieta

9:30 Meet

First Car Out 10:00

Foothills 100 (km)

Rally Directions and Rules