Sacramento Area Miata Owners Association

Over the course of the last few weeks, to me, it has become increasingly important to do something constructive in light of all the destruction that has occurred in our own area, El Dorado and Amador counties.  I have made contact with the El Dorado Community Foundation and discovered a need.  They fund grants of $300-500 to help out those displaced by distruction of their homes or just plain evacuation orders.

So putting the FUN back in fundraisinng we are going to have a fundraising poker run, with a twist.  Virtually all poker runs are the same.   Drive around 5 check points, draw a card at each stop, drive to a pizza place or restaurant, compare cards and the highest hand wins the pot.

This one is going to be a Texas Holdem style event.  Players/drivers/passengers buy a "hand" for $10.  You can buy as many hands as you wish.  There are only two stops.  The route directions will have no mileage markers so it will become a bit of a challenge to find the right route to each of the two stops.  When you reach the Pizza Factory in Ione, everone will have two cards.  The "dealer", me, will draw the first card to be placed in the "community" pile.  Cards will be drawn for a total of five cards.  The winner is the Community Foundation AND the highest poker hand comprised of the five community cards and your two.  The winning hand  and the Foundation split the pot, 50/50.  Proceeds from all donations to our event will be given to the club and in turn a check will be written to the El Dorado Community Foundation.  

We are trying to raise enough money to fund one grant, $300 so the more folks that join us on the event the closer we get to our goal.  To help with this goal, the sign up form will have a location where you may indicate how much additional contribution you would like to make.  Your choice and it is not mandatory, only voluntary.  So you can contribute whatever you like to help make our goal.

We will need at least two volunteers to manage the card stops.  Volunteers will compete as well.

Please take time now to fill out the RSVP form and join us on this event.    Please RSVP by October 11.  The more the better.

All participants MUST have a signed waiver on file.  Please avoid an awkward situation by signing the on line waiver, if you haven't already, and send it to us.  Remember this is a lifetime waiver and never have to sign it again.  Sign it once and never have to do it again.

Rancho Murieta Bel Air Parking Lot, 7315 Murieta Drive, Rancho Murieta

9:30 Meet

Poker Run IV Fundraiser

October 16



Meet Time