Sacramento Area Miata Owners Association

Let's try something completely different...I have tried this with another club and it has worked out fairly well...Our March General Meeting will be held as a picnic on Saturday, May 15 at Lake Clementia, Rancho Murieta on Jackson Road...See the map below...Let's start arriving for the picnic at 11:30...This is a BYOeverything...Lawn chairs, food, blankets and anything to make you comfortable...No alcohol please...We will start a general meeting at 12:30 if you just want to show up to hear Marty talk...After you turn left off Jackson Road into Rancho Murieta, onto Murieta Parkway, stop at the visitors only gate and identify yourself as visiting Jack Parker...Drive up the parkway to the "T" intersection (about two miles)and turn right and follow Camino Del Lago through the gate and down the hill and turn left into the park...There is no address for Lake Clementia but it is on Camino Del Lago Drive, Rancho Murieta...Masks before lunch and during the meeting are required...Be safe...We live in a gated community and although security doesn't care if you are on the no fly list, we are just trying to get a round about number which secuity will expect...  

There will be an optional drive after the picnic up into the Gold Country at a very relaxed pace.    

Please RSVP by May 9...

SAMOA General Meeting/Picnic

May 15

Lake Clementia in Rancho Murieta




Meet Time