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A few years ago this event was a featured event on the SAMOA schedule.  It was also a main event run at the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Party at Black Oak Casino in Tuolumne near Sonora.  This road, which we will drive to through Valley Springs, Copperopolis, Jamestown and Sonora, is around 53 miles long.  There are no stop signs and very little traffic during the time we will be traveling on it.  Incidently there is almost no law enforcement.   The road is such where sights are numberous.  The Rim Fire roared through the area back in 2013 and destroyed some of the picturesque scenery but the road itself has been repaved in many sections and is quite accessable.

Plan on driving the road at your own pace.  We will stop at Black Oak Casino for a fill up and dehydration break.  This is not really suitable for an inexperienced driver to take it at an aggressive pace.  Most drivers take it at relaxed pace but those wishing to drive a little quicker and not take time for sight seeing will appreciate the many curves this road provides.  This road also leads to Hetch Hetchy Resevoir if you wish to go to that location as well.  Just inform the leader and we wont wait for you at the end.

Further details will be provided as they become available.

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July 14


Bel Air Parking Lot in Rancho Murieta

Cherry Lake/Cotton Wood Road

Cherry Lake Revisited