Sacramento Area Miata Owners Association


Make sure you have an adequate number of the printed route instructions.

Double-check any reservations you have made for the group.

Make sure the club radios will be at the event.

Meeting time Meeting Place

Be sure you arrive before the advertised meeting time (10 or 15 minutes).

Greet participants as they arrive and answer any questions they may have about the event.

Start time

Give participants plenty of time to arrive (consider weather and road conditions), then call everyone around into a group.

Introduce yourself and ask participants to do the same, stating their name,car color and year.

Sweep car   

Assign someone to be the sweep car driver (last car in the group). It is especially important to have a sweep car driver that understands that job.

Hand out club radios, one to lead car, one to sweep and the rest to others.

Hand out route instructions.

Go over any safety issues or tricky route instructions. Go over basic Rules of the Road.

Answer any questions.


Request that someone to write a newsletter article.

While, During and After You Leave

Get in your Miata and lead on! Test and verify all club radio communication before starting run.

Be sure you keep in radio contact with the sweep Miata at every turn, stop or when a problem occurs.

At the final destination, thank everyone for coming.

If you are unsure about how you did, get feedback from participants.

Event Leader Checks