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Sacramento Area Miata Owners Association

*   If you are a current member and joined before February 1, and havent filled out the SAMOA waiver form, you can now do it on line...Click here, fill it out on line and never have to do it again...

*  The password has been changed

*   The results of the survey have been scored and thanks to all who responded...Your answers will start to reshape the website...The first step was to eliminate the mobile version which only four members indicated they visited only once a month...

*   Read about the future Miata on the News Page

*   Surf 'N' Safari registration is now open...San Diego Miata Club puts on a great event...Plus San Diego is a great place to visit...


Club News And Announcements


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This, from the club's first newsletter written by original SAMOA member, Ray Olmstead:

"Half the fun of owning a Miata is sharing it with other people!  Whether it is acknowledging the looks and/or comments while driving, answering questions whenever you stop the car, or swapping experiences with other Miata owners, the car just seems to be a magnet for fun-loving, friendly people."